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Sinemas Walls


At Sinemas, we believe that your home entertainment should be both visually stunning and technically flawless. That's why we have created a range of handcrafted TV media walls, made right here in Derbyshire, that are the perfect combination of style and substance.

Transform your Entertainment Space

Our walls are not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that seamlessly integrates all of your audiovisual equipment and speakers into a beautiful and functional wall. These pieces are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a clean, clutter-free entertainment area without compromising on style.

Why Only Full Systems?

Ensuring Predictable Performance and Reliability

At Sinemas, we take pride in providing high-end curated TV wall systems that redefine luxury and elevate your entertainment experience. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance extends to every aspect of our products, including the electronics and speakers we offer as part of our integrated systems. We believe that this curated approach offers significant advantages over systems where clients supply their own components. Read More...




Coming Soon

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