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Cromford WALL - Dronfield


Sinemas Wall, Dronfield

Another great example of a Sinemas WALL combining beauty and audio visual performance to enhance our clients main entertainment space.  


Our clients quest for quality

Initially considering an AV cabinet for their TV area, the client encountered a common challenge – visible AV equipment and concealed ceiling speakers often leading to muffled sound, especially dialogues, and limiting their media room enjoyment.

However, our solution was refreshingly simple, thanks to the perfect fit of the Sinemas WALL. Recognising the limitations of ceiling speakers, we swiftly provided the remedy. Our proposal not only enhanced sound quality but also introduced a sleeker visual setup.


With the installation of the Sinemas WALL, their audio-visual experience underwent a significant transformation, turning their space into a cinematic haven while maintaining an elegant and attractive appearance.

The Cromford WALL

With a mutual understanding of the project's potential, the client decided to embrace the Sinemas touch. Enter the Sinemas Cromford Media Wall—adorned in a sophisticated grey velvet fabric that exudes elegance. This choice was more than aesthetics; it was about marrying design with exceptional performance.

At the heart of the transformation was the 75" Samsung Frame TV, a canvas that seamlessly blends into the room's ambiance when not in use. But the true magic was in our DEPTH engine—a cutting-edge technology designed to redefine audio immersion.


By relocating the speakers to ear level when seated, we ensured a truly captivating auditory experience, especially during those cherished movie nights.

Fusion of form and function

The success of this project resided in our ability to seamlessly marry form and function. The Cromford Media Wall not only exuded elegance but also housed the technology that brought the cinematic dreams to life. It was a visual masterpiece that doubled as an auditory symphony.

SINEMAS - Cromford wall square.png

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